12 December 2023

A project that promotes sustainability and envisions an even more ecological future for Rome.

On Thursday, December 14, IED, in collaboration with ATAC, the Mobility Agency of Rome, presents TERRA NUOVA, a project developed by thirteen students of the International Master's program in Arts Management at IED Roma and IED Firenze.

These students responded to the challenge posed by ATAC: to create artistic concepts to transform a subway train into a green work of art. The objective is to reimagine art as a catalyst for envisioning a future Rome that is not only more sustainable but also greener. This involves a forward-thinking and imaginative perspective transformed into an artistic journey exploring the city's future.

The artistic vision was assigned to visual artist Brando Corradini, who envisioned a genuine burst of nature and vivid colors permeating the urban wonders of the city.

The project also involved the creativity of the Roman Art High Schools Giulio Carlo Argan, Caravaggio, and Ripetta through worhshops that IED offers to high school students each year.

TERRA NUOVA includes two dedicated moments for the city: an exclusive event in the subway and a talk on the terrace of Metro Cavour.Starting from 5:30 in the morning, a Line A Battistini - Anagnina train will welcome Rome's commuters with a traveling exhibition. During the morning, an exclusive run dedicated only to partners, the press, and project stakeholders transforms into a decidedly unconventional talk. From 4 to 5 PM in the ArtStop Cavour Terrace area in the heart of the Monti district, passersby can listen to the TERRA NUOVA Podcasts, available on Loquis and the Project's landing page, narrating sustainability through the stories of those who practice it.

From 5 PM, a Talk moderated by Fabrizia Ferrazzoli, journalist at Agenzia Dire, will take place, featuring various guests presenting the TERRA NUOVA project and delving into themes related to sustainability and eco-friendly mobility.

TERRA NUOVA is part of the ART STOP program, an initiative started in 2017 focusing on the artistic transformation of public transit spaces. Through the collaboration of artists, graphic designers, and designers, ART STOP creatively personalizes these places to change and enrich people's perception as they pass through.

 To discover the curators and artists of the project, visit the Terra Nuova page.

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