Start date

July 2024


Full time


On campus


2 Weeks


40 Hours

Discover design, styling and art direction with this summer course, taught in English and in one of the best design schools.

The Summer Junior in Fashion Experience offers you a very practical experience of two weeks to learn about the processes of fashion creation. Taught in English, this programme will introduce you not only to the theoretical foundations of fashion and its history, but also the conception of your first collection, from the idea to the styling.

In addition, you will build a look through upcycling processes and do a photo shoot of your creation. During the last day, a fashion show will be held to showcase the students’ works.

All this will allow you to explore your creativity applied to the world of fashion from the perspectives of design, styling and art direction.

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An immersive course to connect your creativity with your passion for fashion, as well as practice your English  and meet students with similar interests.

From a completely practical approach, the contents of the course are structured throughout its two-week duration.

During the first week, you will acquire theoretical knowledge about the history of fashion and its connection with other artistic disciplines. This will give you the foundations you need to start making your first collection, from conceptual development to styling. You will have the advice of a famous designer who will take part of the course to explain the creative process of his latest proposal. The second week’s work will focus on the creation of a look for your collection through upcycling processes, for which you will then carry out a photo shoot working on the art direction. In addition, your experience will end with a fashion show presenting all the students’ creations.

Secondary school or high school students interested in fashion as a professional future or as a hobby who wish to carry out an intensive experience conceiving a collection and putting into practice all their creative potential in this field.

The Summer Junior at Fashion Experience is an opportunity to spend your summer holidays learning about a fascinating field, fashion, and discovering the creative possibilities it offers. 

As well as discovering its history and putting your knowledge into practice by developing your own collection, you will practice your English and work with other people who share your same passion.

This course offers you the IED Madrid experience, an ideal place where the designers of the future are trained and where you can discover how far you can go with your creativity through design.



Fashion Versus Clothing Studio

The Idea

Visiting Designer 

Design & Styling Process Fashion Show



Creative Direction & Styling

Photo Shoot

Fashion show