A new home for colour, style energy and Paulista fashion.

São Paulo

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We have our intuition to thank for identifying São Paulo as home for the first campus in Brazil in 2005, at a time when this great country had just started its climb up the world economic hit parade.

Brazil great reserves of natural resources combined with its determination to build on its own cultural values have projected this nation onto the planetary scale of the countries of the future.

Appreciation for Italian creativity in both fashion and design has prepared a fertile terrain for us to train professionals who are in great demand among Brazil leading businesses in these fields.

IED São Paulo very presence contributes to positioning this metropolis as Latin America fashion capital and to Brazilian design’s emancipation from foreign cultural influences.

In addition, our didactic model has enabled us to draw up educational plans for developing a series of production sectors in several of this amazing nation states.



IED Factory 2022

From 21 to 25 March, the week of transversal workshops returns, involving 300 second-year students and 16 international artists. The works produced in the workshops will be presented at MAXXI on 25 March.

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