I will enter the IED world and live it on foot, supported by qualified assistance and usufruendo de strutture dedicate all'apprendimento, alla progettazione, alla socialità. Altri servizi utilizi lo accompagnano nelle fasi di pre e post immatricolazione: dall’accoglienza nella nuova città all’inserimento nel mondo del lavoro.


First contact. People looking for academic guidance or who want to enrol can make an appointment with a counsellor to help understand the various academic and professional options the school can offer. Information is tailored specifically to meet the needs and characteristics of each student so that they get an overall idea of what studying with IED will be like on every level.

In collaboration with various accommodation providers, IED helps students find the best accommodation solution to meet their needs. 

The school also offers private access to a flat-sharing system for registered students.

Providing assistance for local and international IED students who might have doubts about living abroad or studying in Madrid. 

The desk offers information on available exchange programmes, helping international students adapt as quickly as possible to both the campus and the city. The services include:

  • Information on international exchange programmes

  • Information and administration of the Erasmus Scholarship Programme for European studies or work experience

  • Advice on applying for a student visa

  • Assistance for submitting specific documents required to live in Spain and Madrid

  • Advice on taking out private health insurance

  • Local accommodation search assistance

Below you can access the information for students on document processing:


IED Madrid is made up of different schools offering specific courses on academic content and methodology. In every school the student coordinator and workshop teacher maintain direct contact with students to help them reach monitored study goals, resolving any queries they might have while following their progress.


A service for students, alumni and partner companies to bring them together and get students started with their first work experience in a personal and professional way. 

This department reviews the student’s professional profile in order to arrange meetings and contacts the companies that best match their individual profile, with a grant available for curricular/extracurricular practices and work experience.


The IED Madrid library is specialised in all areas of design and communication and is open to students, teachers and the general public. 

The library is a great place to take a break, work, read and exchange ideas.



IED enters into agreements with many kinds of organisations and enterprises that offer students benefits and perks such as special offers on materials, leisure, culture and wellbeing.

The academic information management system: an online communication channel for students, teachers and other student-related departments to exchange information and documentation. 

Every member has access to the online area, with access to service notices, class times, documentation on courses completed, study plans and all the information on the academic course.

Caring for students’ health and wellbeing is essential so that they can fully enjoy their IED experience.

Life at the design school can be as exciting as it is interesting, but adapting to a new setting and the stress of studying can also be a challenge.

IED Madrid gives every student the opportunity to talk in a completely confidential session with a psychological support consultant about anything that could have an impact on academic life, personal wellbeing or mental health.

IED Madrid has an IT team to help students with any technical difficulties as well as offering assistance on: 

  • Adobe Package installation

  • Microsoft Office installation

  • Creating user accounts for print services and refills in the future

The IED Madrid academic secretariat takes care of everything related to the student’s academic documentation. 

  • Management of academic files 

  • Copies of diplomas 

  • Notification of grades, complaints 

  • Student identification card 

  • Management of curricular practices

  • Changes in specialisation, transfers and validations 

  • Management of deregistration and cancellation requests


IED Madrid has a collaboration agreement with the reputable Gómez Navas law firm specialised in immigration with offices in Spain and Colombia.

IED entered into this agreement to offer comprehensive legal services to foreign students enrolled or studying at the school, for students and any IED Madrid collaborators who require legal assistance.