14 April 2021

“A company is sustainable not only if it uses ecological materials, but above all when its interest coincides with the well-being of the whole community”

After graduating at IED Rome at 2007 and some first works in the fashion industry as a designer, Benedetta Bruzziches founded her namesake brand with his brother. With special attention to local manufacturing in Caprarola and a sustainable development of the brand, she wants to promote Italian design and craftmanship to the world.

“As Italians, we have the privilege of breathing history and beauty from the first breath, unknowingly. Being aware of it allows us to broaden our perspectives and welcome the boost that creatively comes from the world. I feel extreme about the relationship with my land. IED gave me the chance to have my first experience with the genius Romeo Gigli, through Lara Aragno, IED director during the same period I attend IED. Meeting them totally influenced my vision and my way to intend fashion”, explains in the last interview she gave to IED Alumni.

Do you want to know more about the brand that wore Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes or Jennie from Blackpink? Read it here.

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