11 March 2024

The latest edition of ModaLisboa, which took place from 7 to 10 March, and we came back to Portugal for the second year with "FUTURE STARTS SLOW" fashion show.

Saturday March 9th, the last day of ModaLisboa, at 4pm, the large audience at Pátio da Galé was treated to a selection of fashion films from the IED Spain schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, followed by a fashion show characterised by the visions of seven graduates from the IED Italy schools - Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome and Cagliari.

The six collections explored the meaning of fragility, the fear of transformation, the importance of self-knowledge, respect for nature, the value of feeling and the memories of our experiences to create unique pieces made with dedication, craftsmanship and passion. Annarita Biava, Cristian Bogliano, Angelica SiddiMatteo Rosellini, Maria Chiara Sorbino and Alessio Dolfi and Carlotta Mora.


A scholarship for Portuguese young designers


On Friday March 8th, Olivia Spinelli, director of the Fashion and Art school at IED Milano, together with the other judges, awarded the winner of the Sangue Novo competition with a scholarship to study for a master's degree in Fashion Brand Management at IED Firenze.

The winner was Isza, a young fashion designer with a multidisciplinary art approach. Isza's collection dives into the search for androgyny and the breaking down of gender boundaries. With an innovative outlook, more than half of the collection is manufactured using 3D printing technology, representing an attempt to introduce alternatives to traditional materials into fashion. Inspired by the freedom of artistic expression, the collection defies temporal conventions, allowing each season to be a blank canvas where individuality can flourish.

“IED students’ projects on ModaLisboa catwalk reflect an attentive design process, presenting collections with outstanding aesthetics results while considering many other factors such as the functionality, craftmanship, respect to the body or innovative materials. The design methodology behind those proposals, related to Italian Design DNA, relies on the fact that are projects made for the future but with a feasible application today. That’s also what we want to do with the scholarship at the Sangue Novo contest: to bring IED’s approach to Portuguese young designers to expand their brand vision to a global scale”, said Olivia Spinelli, Director of the Fashion and Art school at IED Milano.


Fast talks 


IED has been part of Lisboa Fashion Week since the first day of the event, on March 7th, when Danilo Venturi, director of IED Firenze, took part in the Fast Talks with the theme "Fashion, Art and Craft: a conversation about the intrinsic relationship between fashion, art and craft" with the famous artist Joana Vasconcelos and Sam Baron.

There, it was highlighted how in recent years, driven by a new generation of creatives, the boundaries between these practices of fashion, art and craftsmanship have become increasingly fluid. The discussion was focused on the new opportunities that arise from this fusion of disciplines, as well as the unexplored territories that have yet to emerge, reflecting on a scenario where artists, designers and educators collaborate without predefined boundaries.

"In striving for authenticity, it is necessary to connect with the essence of being in this world, expressing ourself like layers of an onion. At its core lies the creativity and inspiration of an individual, radiating authenticity. Each layer, from the environment we inhabit to the complexities of the digital age, contributes to our unique language and expression. In today's landscape, authenticity transcends the simple dichotomy of true and false; it's a dynamic interplay embraced by brands and communities alike. Whether navigating legal matters or shaping design, authenticity guides our actions, fostering creativity and sustainability. Ultimately, it's the artist's inspiration that serves as the genesis, with each layer enriching the narrative of our existence", said Danilo Venturi, director of IED Firenze.

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