18 October 2022

Igor Quagliata wins the award for young talent sponsored by the Rome Jewellery Week

With his ‘IGOR’ collection, recent IED Roma graduate in Jewellery Design Igor Quagliata wins the Incinque Jewels Award, a contest now into its third year, open to new generations as a way to promote the culture of Contemporary Jewellery. The young finalists presented their dissertation projects at the Mecenate Auditorium as part of Roma Jewellery Week, a week that is entirely focussed on promoting and enhancing the value of creative, artistic and contemporary jewellery, along with traditional goldsmith's craft found in the city of Rome.

Using the reference to the cage as a demand by society for body homologation, Igor Quagliata's project is urging us to undo superstructures and dictates, in order to unleash our being and express ourselves freely.

The Rome Jewellery Week is an event created by architect Monica Cecchini, curator and project director. Barbara Brocchi is also there to provide expert advice as a creative manager, illustrator, designer and coordinator of the IED Roma Jewellery Design programme, with support from Dr. Bianca Cappello - lecturer, historian and jewellery critic. The event is co-sponsored by public bodies like the City of Rome, Municipality I of Roma Capitale and the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, with full support from the Incinque Open Art Monti Association.

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