Best Thesis 2021: Creativity as a force for change


25 June 2021

The theses of these students from the Fashion, Management & Design Strategies, Design and Visual Communication Schools have addressed the development of solutions across a range of diverse fields: aesthetics as an expression of a deep personal universe, the use of ASMR as a marketing strategy, the tourism of the future, and the redefinition of visual communication in urban spaces. 

All these proposals share the stamp of IED Barcelona: innovation through design thinking. With this in mind, the projects chosen are the result of a creative process developed in different stages: from research, through ideation and prototyping, to the final proposal. These are the results: 


Collection: Pop Porn

Student: Giacomo di Paolo

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design

Pop Porn is inspired by pop culture from an intimate and activist approach that draws on a journey of discovery about the queer world and the theories of sexuality and gender. Folklore, TV celebrities and the Spanish flag are some of the elements present in the prints of the garments, along with a colour palette that combines cold and warm tones, with yellow, red, navy blue, “Civil Guard green”, black and brown playing leading roles.

Using a varied range of fabrics, from natural to synthetic, tailored to technical, the looks, with their eclectic silhouettes and styles, offer a fresh, fun and sensual vision of men’s fashion. From leather corsets and leggings, to jeans, jackets and deconstructed polo shirts, the collection is full of artistic and cultural references that feed the student’s creative universe. 


Project: The Role of ASMR in Future Advertising

Student: Andrea Rovira

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing & Communication

This project explores the use of autonomous sensory meridian responses (ASMR) in brand communication with the aim of creating deeper connections with audiences. 

ASMR is a sensory phenomenon, popularised in recent years in video format and through social media platforms in particular, which provokes a pleasurable sensation of tingling and relaxation in the viewer. In the current context, in which we are experiencing an oversaturation of information and advertising, this proposal addresses the possibilities of ASMR in developing a type of advertising that is immersive and sensory.


Project: Starbound

Student: Hadi Hissi 

Bachelor of Arts in Product Design  

Starbound is a pressurised, balloon-powered capsule that enables travel from Barcelona’s coast into the stratosphere. Through this innovative approach, the project explores the possibilities of space tourism towards the future redefinition of the industry in the City of Counts. 

Conceived to carry four passengers, the vessel’s design features large windows for a panoramic view of the earth and space. Its interior, with reclining and adjustable seats as well as smart ceiling lighting that appears to merge with the exterior environment, leads to the creation of a pleasant and safe atmosphere throughout the journey. 


Project: Creixem [Let’s Grow]

Students: Gaia Pantalone and Eleanor Berney

Bachelor of Arts in Motion Graphics and Video and Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design 

Light is the main source of inspiration for this project, which aims to improve the city of Barcelona’s graphic system, as well as the interaction between the city and its inhabitants. 

Creixem focuses on the new green hubs of the city’s Eixample district, developing a proposal that fuses urban planning, visual communication and mobility. Part of the project involves the creation of new signage and information campaigns that seek to simplify existing visual communication in a bid to make it more inclusive and intuitive. The proposed new signage includes a gender-neutral approach, as well as a map of mobility services in the area and information signs about the green hubs.

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