25 November 2022

The exhibition “A collective dream” takes spectators on a journey through the history of the school.

2022 is a very special year for IED Barcelona, as it celebrates 20 years since it first arrived in the city. On the occasion of this celebration, the exhibition “A collective dream” will be showcased; a display that takes spectators on a journey through the history of the school by way of outstanding projects carried out by its students over the course of these two decades. The selected works include a wide variety of proposals representative of the different fields of design.

 “A collective dream” is complemented by a catalogue of the exhibition carried out following sustainability criteria, in collaboration with Otzarreta Think & Make (print and paper) and Guarro Casas (cover paper). IED Barcelona has also collaborated with EGM for the printing of various visual aids for the exhibit.

The exhibition is open to the public by appointment upon request by writing to from Friday 2 December, in order to visit the show with a guide.

What's the next point?

Also within the framework of the 20th Anniversary, on Thursday 1 December, the debate "What's the next point?" will take place to imagine what future design scenarios will be like. The colloquium will include the participation of Riccardo Balbo, President of the Francesco Morelli Foundation and Academic Director of the IED Group; Pilar Pasamontes, Scientific Director of IED Barcelona’s Fashion School; Sisón Pujol, CEO of Nomon Design and President of ADG Fad; and Bern Donadeu, Founder and Design Director at Nacar Design Agency. The experts will discuss how strategic design and design training can drive innovation in new city models with Barcelona as a case study.

The round table will be moderated by Andrea Marchesi, Director of IED Barcelona.

Stay tuned!

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