Connecting with the mind and body through light


22 October 2021

The importance of breathing as an exercise of relaxation and connection with our body and mind is the concept behind ‘the project.

478 is the installation with which IED Barcelona was present in the special edition of Llum Barcelona. A total of four former students participated in the design of this installation, which was located in Poblenou’s Parque del Centro. 

The temporary sculpture, which takes its name from a breathing technique widely used in Mindfulness, invited spectators to let themselves be carried away by the magic of the light and the surrounding vegetation. 


Students responsible for the project:

Elena Aubà – Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Marina Nafría – Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. *Taught in Spanish 

Carla Jórgens Vidal – Bachelor of Arts in Product Design

Laia Casademont – Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. *Taught in Spanish

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