13 February 2023

The multidisciplinary workshops week has concluded with an exhibition of the students’ creations

From 6 to 10 February, 400 IED Barcelona students put their creative skills to the test during a new edition of the Multidisciplinary Workshops Week, led by active professionals, alumni and design experts.

With an offering of 23 extremely diverse workshops, this time, the annual event focused on the union between crafts and technology, highlighting a highly relevant dimension of design.

Students participated in highly varied workshops that ranged from expressive makeup to visual mappings based on classical operas, as well as workshops to make scalable bamboo structures, fabrics with natural dyes, the creation of music using code, and even creative gymnastics sessions, among others.

The experience enabled them to work side by side with colleagues from other disciplines, creating a community and learning new ways of approaching design.

As a climax to the Multidisciplinary Workshop Week, an exhibition of the students’ creations was organised.

The Multidisciplinary Workshops Week counted on the collaboration of Guarro Casas and Lorente, as well as Trilla (in the Rejeter workshop) and Munich (in the Still Photography and Fashion workshop).

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