From new crafts to virtual identities


14 October 2021

An interactive installation to create our own virtual identity and an immersive journey through a 3D “wonderland” are the proposals that IED Barcelona and IED Milan presented at the SónarCCCB 2021, driven by Sónar. 

Within the framework of this event, which was held on 29 and 30 October in a hybrid format, students of a range of disciplines from both schools showed their visions around the role of design as the backbone of creativity, technology and innovation. 

Project: ‘I AM YOU. Reflection of your identity in a virtual world’

Students: Anastasia Lapotko, Mine Sürger Asik, Sidhasila Naik, Alp Nisan Baskin, Thomas John Butzke and Myriam Chamoun

IED Barcelona

‘I AM YOU’ is an installation developed by students of the Master in Interaction Design in collaboration with Linking Realities, which invites spectators to create their own virtual identity on the spot. The proposal fosters a reflection on the impact that immersive technologies will have on the development of the metaverse and the evolution of our digital versions.

Project: ‘IED Amaze Project remixed by Stream Machine’

IED Milan

‘AMAZE PROJECT’ is conceived as an immersive journey through a 3D “wonderland”. This playful and interactive virtual exhibition will showcase the best graduate theses from IED Milan in Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication. 

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