31 January 2024

With the DESIGN FOR PHYSICS project, IED Roma touches down at Bett in London, together with the company Arduino.

Bett is the biggest education technology exhibition in the world, which for thirty-five years has brought together over 30,000 educators and more than 500 companies to promote innovative educational technologies, as well as cutting-edge products and services. At the last edition, which took place in London from 24 to 26 January, there was also DESIGN FOR PHYSICS, a project by students from the Three-year course in Product Design IED Roma.

The DESIGN FOR PHYSICS project, the result of a collaboration between IED and Sapienza University of Rome, is a kit of new teaching tools to stimulate the learning of physics in schools with the help of smartphones. The design of the series is based on simple geometries and bright colour combinations, with shapes recalling the radical style that characterised Italian design in the 1960s and 1970s. Moreover, all the instruments are low-cost and therefore suitable for large-scale production or even self-production.

Bringing IED to Bett in London was the company Arduino with its Arduino Education programme, offering kits, programs and online learning platforms for schools of all levels, with the aim of promoting the understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. Arduino implemented the DESIGN FOR PHYSICS project with its Science Kit R3, which features an extensive ecosystem of sensors and components to be assembled to perform a variety of scientific experiments.

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