05 February 2024

Studio Buenacasa introduces "The Power Nap Chair" to boost productivity and wellness

Martin Y. Tsankov, founder of Studio Buenacasa, the interior design studio renowned for innovative projects stimulating the human senses, is thrilled to exhibit "The Power Nap Chair" at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. Held annually in Stockholm, Sweden, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is Scandinavia’s leading platform for furniture and lighting design, and will take place from February 6th to 10th, 2024. 

The Power Nap Chair is the brainchild of Milen Kisov and Martin Y. Tsankov, alumnus of IED Barcelona’s Master of Interior Design. This new product is a specially designed piece of furniture dedicated to the art of power napping, aiming to revolutionize the way busy professionals recharge and revitalize. 

The co-founders are committed to sustainability and have worked with a Norwegian environmental consultancy to ensure the chair is durable, non-toxic, and sourced from European suppliers. The Power Nap Chair is more than just a furniture piece, it's a transformative project that contributes to a healthier, more productive society. 

The Power Nap Chair will be exhibited at Stockholm Furniture Fair - Booth C12:21 from February 6th to 10th, 2024. Come visit us and meet the designers! 

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