11 July 2016

The resulting projects propose solutions to current urban planning problems.

Students from the Undergraduate Degree in Transportation Design collaborated with the Spanish car company SEAT to research vehicles and mobility devices for the cities of the future. The initial approach was to design innovative transportation systems for 2035.

The resulting projects propose solutions to current urban planning problems, such the huge number of vehicles, traffic jams and the negative visual impact that these have on big cities. Some of the proposals included new transportation services that use Big Data to analyse the users’ demand for transport to their desired destination, transportation systems that are designed to be new spaces for socialising and solutions that turn the vehicle into urban furniture.

Five designs were presented to the committee chaired by Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, SEAT’s director of design, who chose the two winners for fellowships with the design team. Starting in October 2016, Christoph Sokol and Luis Mestre, will take part in developing real projects for the company and will continue to develop their own projects in order to gain more conceptual and technical depth.

You can see all the projects in this gallery. 

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