01 February 2024

Research and practice in designing spaces to address new social realities

The first edition of this Master’s Degree commences in September 2024, and its aim is to address the new lifestyles arising from the impact of technology by designing digital and physical spatial experiences. 

In today’s world, in which the limits between the tangible and the digital are becoming increasingly blurred, there is a strong market demand for professionals who can combine these two dimensions when designing care environments as well as those we visit, in which we interact and work.

That is why IED Barcelona has opted for specialisation that explores this new paradigm through research and practice in designing spaces applied to key sectors, such as commerce, work, education and health. 

The programme focuses on theoretical research, the development of individual and/or group projects, experimentation with new forms, the study of real cases and also the use of specific software and visits to spaces and companies in the sector. 

It additionally includes the development of external internships in studios, companies or institutions and the presentation of a Master’s Final Project that may focus on research or on the development of a project.

The Official Master’s Degree in Spatial and Digital Environments Design is aimed at graduates in Design, Architecture, Fine Arts or Humanities wishing to specialise in interior design from this dual physical/digital perspective. For individuals with degrees in other fields, a personal interview will be held and their professional experience will be assessed. 

More information about the programme here.

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