Interior Design for Commercial Spaces: Gastronomy and retail | © Proyecto:  Hotel The One Estudiante:  Francisco Vargas Marcos Gomez



Start date

July 2024




On campus


3 Weeks

A creative learning experience in which you’ll study commercial spaces and use the most effective tools for interior design projects.

In this Summer Course in Commercial Interior Design: Gastronomy and Retail you’ll put theory into practice as you learn to use experimentation and reflection, and an essential designer’s toolkit to create unique commercial spaces. 

In this 3-week course that includes conferences, workshops and visits, you’ll be designing commercial spaces against the backdrop of Barcelona, exchanging ideas with other students in reciprocal synergy, both in and out of class.

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A dynamic, project-based course that develops in a 'Design Studio' context with students and professionals working together as a team. 

The focus of the course is on experimenting with interior design in commercial settings to create unique gastronomy and retail spaces. 

You’ll complete two course projects, lasting two weeks each. The course also includes classes and workshops where you can give free rein to your imagination with all the resources you need to develop your own projects, as well as knowledge of the mechanisms used in the creation of Barcelona's other emblematic commercial spaces, an endless source of inspiration.


Students and professionals specialised in Architecture and Design, retail, branding, Visual Merchandising and anyone interested in interior design who wants to put another feather in their professional cap in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing sector.

Students should have a professional or academic grounding in design. 

This course gives you a strategic and comprehensive understanding of a specific field of interior design. With an project-based analytical and experimental approach, you’ll work in a collaborative team of students and teachers to see exactly what’s involved in the work of a real design studio. 

Taking the commercial interior design of Barcelona as a case study, you’ll participate in visits, conferences and workshops to gain direct, hands-on experience in this design discipline. 

You’ll finish the course with a sought-after specialised professional profile in the world of commercial interior design. 



The theory and critique of interior design principles
Exercises in the theory and critique of interior design principles
The Creative Project Process 


Sustainable interior design


Integrated commercial project exercises and workshops
Furnishing/object projects
Materiality and technology projects


Iñigo Gómez Arribillaga