Estudiantes del IED Barcelona diseñan la camiseta oficial de la 45ª Travessa Matagalls-Montserrat


05 July 2024

The Project was carried out by the IED Barcelona Special Projects Department and the Visual Arts School

IED Barcelona and the Gracia Hiking Club [Club Excursionista de Gracia, CEG] have collaborated on the design of the graphic for the new T-shirt for the 45th edition of the Travessa Matagalls Montserrat Endurance Walk (Matagalls-Montserrat Crossing in English). The non-competitive walk will cover an 83 km route and will be held on 14 and 15 September, with some 3,000 participants and the collaboration of more than 300 volunteers.

The project, supervised by Alan Ramírez, a Teacher at IED, was carried out by second-year Graphic Design students.

After receiving the briefing from the CEG, the students put forward different proposals using some of the characteristic elements of the travessa, or crossing, as a starting point, such as the profiles of the peaks that the participants will cross and values ​​such as sustainability and care for the environment.

CEG representatives selected the design of students Maria Do Mar Carmona José De Melo and Barbara Trindade de Almeida, whose proposal conveys unity and love for nature. The design will be present on the participants’ T-shirts and the communication materials of the crossing.

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