17 November 2023

The IED collaborates with Arte Laguna by awarding a special prize to the participants of the Special Prize. The winner will be part of the annual exhibition in Napa of the North Arsenal in Venice during the event

The Arte Laguna Award, an event where emerging talents in Contemporary Art in Italy are discovered, has this year the collaboration of the IED: in addition to participating in the talks scheduled during the exhibition at the Venice Arsenal, the Istituto Europeo di Design will award a special prize for a digital art creative, consisting of a scholarship to cover tuition fees for a Continuing Education or Summer Course (academic year 2024/25) for a maximum value of 5,000 euros. The course can be chosen from IED Italia's offer.

The winning artist will be selected from among the participants in the Special Prize by a committee of experts appointed by the IED and will be awarded by a representative of the school on the opening day of the exhibition in Venice.

Entries for the Laguna Art Prize for new talents in contemporary art (who will have the opportunity to be selected for next March's exhibition at the Arsenale in Venice) are open until 22 November 2023. They usually come from all over the world and the jury, composed of international experts, selects 120 finalists each year, including digital artists, street artists, designers, landscape artists, graphic designers, performers, photographers, sculptors and painters.

You can enroll here.

The Arte Laguna Prize and Special Prize finalists' Exhibition is held every year in March, in the Nappe of the North Arsenal of Venice, a unique and fascinating place to exalt the works and artistic heritage of each edition.

The Exhibition guarantees the Artists absolute visibility in the magnificent and historic setting of the Arsenale, which was once the largest naval factory in Europe.

The inauguration will be held on Saturday 2 March at 5 p.m., and then from 3 March, the Exhibition will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day until 1 April, with admission with a liberal donation to MoCA Association.

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