28 September 2023

We are happy to share IED shortlist within the Global Grad Show Arts Thread 2023 in partnership with Gucci.

We are happy to show that within the Global Grad Show Arts Thread 2023 in partnership with Gucci we are represented with students coming both from IED Italy and Spain.

Now it's time to support our students! 


You can vote for one person from each category. 

Here they are gathered per their specialism according to Arts Thread:

Material Innovation, Textile Innovation/Textile

  • TÉrsites - Sofia Nuñez Gomez  

Textiles - Print/Embroidery

  • Fashion is a cow - Valentina Bentos 

Creative direction, visual communication, storytelling     

  • Unwoven memories -Thinh Truong           

Industrial Design, Transport design, Vehicle Design      

  • Mayko the mycorrhizal robot - Gina Bastero            
  • Polestar negative - Youssef ElBarbary       

Furniture, Product Design, Modelmaking

  • Yolkan - Rodrigo Iglesias           

 Service Design, UX Design, Design for Social Good  

  • Hauskit - Blanca Pajares   
  • Enco - Lucía Molina Sánchez   

Photography, Art Curation, Mixed Specialisms  

  • Non ho nulla da dirti tranne le cose che ti direi sottovoce - Federico Calogero       

Graphic Design/Art Direction/Animation

  • Mico your daily level app - Patrizio Di Stefano   


Voting closes on Wednesday 11th October 23:59 PST and the winners will be announced shortly afterwards.

Let's support them!

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