Estudiantes de Graphic Design del IED Barcelona diseñan propuestas de merchandising para la Fundación Setba


04 October 2023

The coaster will be sold to raise funds for the foundation

IED Barcelona Graphic Design students collaborated with the finalists of the Fundació Setba’s Magistrals/Setba Award project in designing various merchandising items with which to promote the works participating in the competition, which is aimed at artists with intellectual disabilities.

They did so together at a workshop that was held at IED’s facilities. The proposal by student Lluís La Hoz was chosen after they had worked together on combining the selected drawings and paintings into various items, such as cushions or handkerchiefs. The item they chose is a coaster that will be created and sold to raise funds for the foundation. It was first displayed at CaixaForum on the 18 September during the Setba Award ceremony.

As a result of this collaboration with the Fundació Setba, IED students also had the chance to learn the technique of screen-printing in a workshop organised by the Les Corts occupational centre. An experience that helped them to exchange knowledge with their colleagues at the centre and share experiences.

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