07 February 2023

Slow Light is an installation that aims to raise awareness about our energy consumption while we discover and play with light and its possibilities

“A delicate, wonderful installation, collaborative with visitors”. This is how the Llum BCN jury defined Slow Light, the proposal with which IED Barcelona participated in the city’s light arts festival for the ninth time.

The assessment was made during an event recognising young talent, held at Disseny Hub Barcelona on the last day of the festival. The experts highlighted the creativity of this minimal consumption project devised by Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, and Motion Graphics and Video students. In addition, they praised both its execution and its communication.

This year, more than 200,000 people visited the lighting installations that illuminated the Poblenou neighbourhood throughout the weekend.

Awakening consciences by travelling into the universe

In this current time of energy crisis, Slow Light is an installation that aims to raise awareness about our energy consumption. To do this, it works without electricity and it is people who give it life by focusing the flashlights of their mobile phones onto the elements that form it.

Slow Light also reminds us how light pollution caused by artificial lights prevents us from seeing the stars in the night sky. To counteract this effect, it proposes a circular structure made up of 24 tubes that, like telescopes, project different light effects when illuminated that represent the stars and constellations, and their distances from Earth.

Slow light, slow life

The proposal, whose graphic identity is reflected with a star formed by the tubes that represent the telescopes and the use of primary colours (white, black, fuchsia and yellow), also invites spectators, in a play on words with its name, to recover a philosophy of slow life: quiet, discreet, ethical, honest and inclusive. To this end, the installation has been carried out using only recycled and/or rented materials to almost completely reduce any type of waste.

Moreover, the tubes are located at different heights, with promoting the inclusive participation of all visitors in mind, demonstrating, once again, that we are all necessary participants and can all contribute to driving change.


Slow Light Credits

Students: Alain Blandon Gaba, Charlotte Paez, Hadil Hassan, Helena Langlois, Lia Ferreiro, Lucienne de Waal and Rodrigo Triana

Tutors: Joan Recasens, Raffaella Perrone and Mery Glez

Coordination: David López and Simona Cannonito

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