03 May 2021

The important global creativity and advertising contest rewarded the campaign that naturally aims to overcome taboos related to sexuality for people with disabilities.

“Disability” is transformed. In fact, it highlights “other skills”, which do not preclude certain dimensions: I can’t stand up, but I can be on top. I can’t see, but I can make you see the stars. I can’t drive, but I can ride.

This is the focus of the #ihavethisability. This campaign – created after a proposal by the Durex brand – has won a second place (silver) at the prestigious Clio Awards in New York, after also winning a silver last year at the D&AD New Blod Awards. Authors Giulia Teruzzi and Joshua Mancini – who graduated in Communication Design – Specialisation in Art Direction at the IED Milan in July 2020 – aimed at creating a new story concerning sexuality for disabled people through poster and video communication.

This consolidated creative campaign had a clear goal: to close the “gap” between disability and sexuality with a communication message that would “normalise” the taboo and would show how sex is “beautiful in all of its forms, as long as it is safe”. Even when its seems like it could not be part of some people’s lives due to physical disabilities.

#ihavethisability is therefore expressed through a series of messages that give voice to disabled people. It highlights how they actually develop “other skills”, to compensate for those missing, which can be exploited even in bed: a blind person, for example, can develop an extremely strong sense of touch.

Teachers Matteo Grandese and Alessandro Candito, with the support of the educational specialist Marianna Moller, helped supervise the Students’ project.

The silver won at the Clio Awards is the latest in a long series of national and international awards earned over the past two years by the IED Milan Communications division, including the award for best creative School in Italy.

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