‘Treequency’ gives a voice to the trees at Llum BCN 2022


07 February 2022

The installation has succeeded in recreating an oasis of calm and a connection with nature in Poblenou’s Parc del Centre.

The project was developed by a group of the school’s students of Interior, Product and Graphic Design, and Motion Graphics, who have taken biometric data from trees and translated it into light and sound in order to make visible the essence and energy of nature, as well as create an interaction with it.

Conceived as an abstract and ephemeral forest, Treequency appeals to the senses and highlights the importance of green spaces in large cities. In the installation’s design, technology coexists with nature, the organic with the artificial, establishing an interesting dialogue that invites you to immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience as well as preserving the natural habitat and using sustainable materials. 

Llum is one of the key global events on the light arts calendar, with the participation of both national and international artists. Each year, IED Barcelona participates in this festival with interdisciplinary groups of students, developing projects that demonstrate the transformative power of light.

For this edition of the event, the school has collaborated with LEDS C4, a leading international lighting company with a trajectory spanning more than 50 years. LEDS C4 has specialised in providing projects with connectivity solutions through smart lighting fixtures, capable of offering digital services that go beyond lighting and focus on the collection and management of data. 


Student project team:

Varvara Godovikova - Graphic Design

Nour Wehbé - Interior Design

Emile Turskyte - Motion Graphics

Louise Una Zanartu Hicks - Product Design

Ilayda Celep - Interior Design

Martin Wagner - Interior Design


With the collaboration of the following students on sound design: 

Tania de Andrade Porto - Motion Graphics

Veronika Kryuchkova - Motion Graphics

Gaukhar Balzhanova - Motion Graphics


Tutors: Rubén Oya, Raffaella Perrone, Mery Glez and Michela Mezzavilla

Production Consultant: Francisco Tomey

Coordination: David López and Simona Cannonito



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