03 February 2023

Luis De Javier’s designs project a message of freedom and empowerment, while PRISCAVera’s creations are defined by a relaxed and refined aesthetic

After dressing Beyoncé, Cardi B, Rosalía and Kim Kardashian, the career of the IED Barcelona’s BA (Hons) in Fashion Design alumnus Luis De Javier continues to be unstoppable. He will be one of the young fashion designers to be included in the programme for the upcoming New York Fashion Week 2023. His debut will take place on 14 February at 8 pm (local time), when he will present his fall/winter 2023-2024 creations.

Yet, he will not be the only creative talent trained in design at the school to participate in one of the most internationally renowned Fashion Weeks. Prisca Vera Franchetti, a Fashion Design alumnus who has captured the attention of generational icons such as Bella Hadid, among others, with PRISCAVera, is already a regular at New York Fashion Week, and will also present her new collection there, which will hit the runway on 13 February at 6 pm (also local time).

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