17 January 2023

On 19 and 20 January, the Welcome Event for students of IED Barcelona’s Master’s, Postgraduate and Specialisation Courses programmes (January intake) will take place. This first contact with the school will allow them to access content aiming to facilitate their training, inspiration and integration in the centre.

During the first day, Master’s students will participate in the Welcome Workshop. This is a transversal workshop which will also include the launch of the “Designing For the Many” project, taught by Giulia Sonetti (Transdisciplinary Researcher at CENSE, Principal Investigator at TrUST, Alumni at the Postdoc Academy for Transformational Leadership).

The Welcome Corporate will take place on the following day, and students on the Postgraduate and Specialisation courses will also join. Andrea Marchesi, Director of IED Barcelona, will give all students an official welcome, and will invite them to attend the presentation “Adapting the design profession to face the environmental crisis”, by Mette Bak, Designer, Researcher and Sustainability Advisor, taking place immediately after the event.

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