Academic year

2021 - 2022

A4810 Project by IED is a two-seater supercar with a hydrogen power train. More technological and environmentally friendly, this model is a glimpse into the extreme sportiness of the future.

A4810 Project by IED is a light yet powerful and agile concept car, which provides a pure driving pleasure.
As a part of their design phase, the students sought to combine vision and innovation, without losing sight of the traditional roots of the French car manufacturer. Furthermore, they told the story of the brand's legacy by choosing a name that is indicative of the connection between the two realities that gave rise to their Project. In fact, 4810 is the height in meters of Mont Blanc. This is the highest and most majestic peak in the Alps which divides Italy from France, acting as a trait d’-union between IED and Alpine. The latter is a brand that owes its name to those mountains and the pleasure of driving along the winding roads that cross them.