Academic year

2021 - 2022

Compact sports vehicles, measuring 4.40 meters in length and powered by a hydrogen powertrain, capable of combining driving pleasure and high performance with sustainable mobility oriented towards improving people's lives.

The challenge set by Hyundai was to interpret the brand's vision of "Progress for Humanity", improving people's lives by making them easier, safer, and more sustainable - through the development of advanced technologies. 

The forty-three students, from eleven countries and organized in teams, responded to the carmaker's brief by working in synergy, under the guidance of IED lecturers and the Hyundai Europe Style Centre.

The proposals were developed in their entirety, both externally and internally, from the initial study phase, brand and market analysis, style research, and sketching, to the final phase of 3D modeling and video rendering

Of the eleven projects presented during the thesis discussions, the client selected HYDRONE_01, ASKJA, and AVA, the three projects with the greatest impact and most in line with the parameters of the assigned brief, contributing to the creation of 1:4 scale prototypes.