Academic year


Limen is the result of a research for regenerative, sustainable and responsible tourism. It preserves the environment and the well-being of travellers and local people as well

The project investigated regenerative tourism possibilities in Rome and involved students from IED Roma courses in Product Design, Communication Design and Graphic Design who developed a solution to meet either the expectations of Locals - innovation - and those of Tourists - tradition. Limen is an experience, a flow that connects places, people and nature; it consists of floating platforms on which tourists and locals actively regenerate the river through urban horticulture and exhibitions of local crafts, linked to the genius loci both in the center and in the periphery. 

Aniene, Isola Tiberina and Marconi: these are the three Roman stops identified to lead the visitor towards the rediscovery of historical points of interest along the Tiber, chosen for the strong significance that the river has always had for the city. In fact, the Tiber embankment offers a wide space that stretches for kilometers, connecting different Roman areas, and helps to create connections with external habitats, favoring biological exchanges. Even the name of the project identifies the link with the ancient Latin linguistic root, with particular reference to silt, the life-giving mud left by the seasonal flooding of the river.

Coming to the communication strategy, it is composed of four phases: Activation, introducing the project to the target; Engagement, which creates buzz around LIMEN; Experience, coinciding with the launch; Report, which follows the project during the regular activities.

IED students involved were: Riccardo Botta, Carlo Buonora, Alessia Clemente, Federica Habara, Alaa Mohamed, Chiara Venerucci, Edoardo Maria Volpe.