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The graduate course in Interior Design - MA.DE.IN offers methodological tools for the designer to have the necessary skills to work with different programs and projects. All course subjects include practical exercises based in solid theoretical and conceptual training.
Focused on research, application of methodologies, and projective processes, the course approaches different spaces and scales, from context to detail. The construction of space will take into consideration its materiality, since an Interior Design project goes beyond the decorative and superficial makeup of environments. Material analysis and research and the exploration of their spatial capacity and potential will be essential at the moment of defining the project: material and light are key elements for each project.

  • Start date
    May 2019
  • Duration
    400 hours
  • Attendance
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The graduate program explores models, prototypes, different materials, sustainability, and lighting—fundamental information for completing projects that address all spheres and possibilities for Interior Design. Theory and concept are the foundation for the practical portion of the course, which addresses the models and prototypes, understanding different materials and their possibilities, sustainability as a design challenge, how to use lighting and its various effects as a tool. 
As a result of a partnership between IED Rio and IED Barcelona, the course also offers a component for international study. Student can opt to take this Interior Design course in the IED Catalan headquarters, for two weeks.
The course is indicated for graduates in the fields of Architecture and Urban Design, Interior Design and Product Design, who desire to improve in the area.
The course mentor is Josep Ferrando, a Spanish architect who has taught at the university-level since 1998, at such schools as: Escola Técnica Superior d’Arquitectura de Barcelona, La Salle Engineering and Architecture School, University of Illinois at Chicago, IED Barcelona and Escola de Disseny i Art de Barcelona, Hochschule für Technik Zürich, Escola da Cidade (SP), Universidade Positivo (Curitiba), Universidade Federal do Paraná, and Universidad Torcuato di Tella de Buenos Aires.