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The goal of the Master in Jewelry Design is to train professionals to enter and succeed in the complex world of jewelry, a field that has been constantly changing over the past two decades and that requires a thorough understanding of all its aspects. The Jewel Designer must be able to operate in different areas of the jewelry, i.e. watches, fine jewelry, precious stones, fashion accessories and metal, with an open mind asset for both creative and operative aspects. The Master also offers a broad and strategic vision on trends and market developments, in order to interpret and give an original personality to collections, in line with future scenarios.

Career opportunities - The Jewel Designer can work as a free-lance opening an independent studio or associate at small, medium and large companies in the sector or in public and private institutions. This professional is able to develop and manage a project - in accordance with different customer's requirements - and to support the steps of research and production.

  • Start date
    January 2019
  • Duration
    1 year
  • Attendance
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Target - The Master in Jewelry Design calls for students with a Honours Degree related to design and fashion. It is also the proper specialization for professionals and artisans looking for a deepening into technical aspects as well as the ones related to the market and product dissemination.

Methodology and structure - The Master in Jewelry Design is structured to buildthe preparation in strategic sectors of jewelry, making participants ready to respond to different market opportunities.
Through direct project experiences in laboratory, learning of traditional techniques, knowledge of materials and new production techniques, the student receives the methodological bases for the creative process and the professional practice, including the ability to present and promote projects. Special attention is paid to the knowledge of the culture, the historical-critical and economic instruments of the sector.
Design workshops introduce students to the creation of watch; fine jewelry design focuses on the study of gemstones including their features, nuances, colors and market values. The workshop dedicated to Industrial Jewelry Design illustrates the entire range of jewellery, the use of precious and non-precious, unconventional materials, complex surface treatments.
Students acquire a higher expertise in the three-dimensional design: from a strong knowledge of the geometry to the most advanced construction solutions of the jewel, using specific softwares. Knowledge of theories and experiences in marketing and advertising allow students to adopt a new approach, by learning communication methodologies.

The Master ends with a Final Project, as a synthesis of the academic course, useful later as a portfolio to enter the job market.

  • Teachings

    • History of Jewelry Design

      From the Prehistory till our century, the course goes through every step of the jewelry design.

    • Design Methodology

      The course goes through the stages of conception, representation of the jewel, cost analysis and the feasibility of a new product.

    • Visual and Project Communication

      An integration among methodology, aesthetics, technology and materials to develop strategies and solutions in order to optimize the communication of the project.

    • Watch design: Jewelry Watch, Sport Watch, Fashion Watch

      Broad preparation in the diverse world of watchmaking: from the early wristwatches up to the latest trend in manufacturing and materials. Analysis of watches components and types. Fashion watch and sports watch. Relation between space and time.

    • 3D Jewelry Advanced Course

      The program strengthens the technical knowledge through the use of graphic representation and solid modulation.

    • Gemology: Value and Market

      Knowledge and skills development about stones: precious and non-precious.

    • High Jewelry: Design with Gems

      Historical research of the high jewelry: the development of high jewelry design in the Western World, from the end of the 19th century until the end of the 20th Century.

    • Jewelry and Series Production

      Development of an individual project dedicated to the production of a line of jewelry.

    • Communication and Branding

      Building of a coherent and successful communication plan, tailored to luxury companies.

    • Packaging and Showcases

      Complete view of the stage of exhibition and sale of products.

    • Final Project

      The development of an individual or a group project that will include the design and the realization of one or more jewels (collection or jewelry line).

Remarkable is that teacher who accomplishes himself what he teaches to others.
(Italian proverb)

IED faculty are professionals that daily face the market. Here you can read their bios.

Luca Bartoleschi - Course coordinator

Luca Bartoleschi - Course coordinator
Jewelry Designer, as Bulgari Design Centre Director he has been managing the conception and design of the Group’s jewelry and watchmaking lines for over twelve years. From 2007 to 2008 he worked for the stylistic lines of Chimento Gioiellieri jewellery. Since 2009 he carries out an independent activity of jewelry consultancy, design and production for companies and private customers. In his long professional experience, he acquired an in-depth knowledge of the technologies of production processes linked to the world of jewelry.

Jacinto Fernandez

Jacinto Fernandez
Indipendent Designer. The sectors he works in are jewelry, watches, silverware and packaging.

Giuseppe Massoni

Giuseppe Massoni
Industrial Designer. International representative for the jewelry sector at Robert McNeel &Ass. Co-owner and Product Manager at Massoni Jewelry.

Amanda Triossi

Amanda Triossi
Jewelry Historian, Curator, Consultant, Author. She studied History of Art at Cambridge University. In 1992 she started the first intensive course on the history of Western jewelry design, at Sotheby’s Institute in London. She has been working with Bulgari in many ways, for example curating five major exhibitions on Bulgari in Rome, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco. From 2015 she works with Adventures in Art to develop innovative jewelry educational programs and jewelry related travel.

Fabio Salini

Fabio Salini
Graduated in Gemmology at the University of Rome, one of the features of his jewelry designs is the use of daring combinations of materials. He worked in the creative departments at Cartier and Bulgari. In 1999 he launched his first collection, which was sold at the most exclusive jewelry stores of Rome, Cortina, Porto Cervo, Palm Beach, New York and Long Island. In 2004 he opened his Atelier in Rome, representing the quintessence of his style.

Anna Neri

Anna Neri
Founder and CEO of the jewelry brand Anna e Alex. In 2006 she left the job as International Marketing Manager at Bulgari for nurturing her talent as Independent Designer. After her graduation in Business Administration at the University of Southern California she pursued a MA in International Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh. Her passion for sharing her knowledge with students is evergreen since 2009.  

Alessandro Gabriele

Alessandro Gabriele
Graduated in Fashion Design at IED Roma, he decided to work as an event planner, business that he has been running for ten years. After collaborating with the “Chiostro del Bramante” in Rome as events promoter, he started working for Concept. Thanks to this company, being in charge of communication and events for more than ten years he has been overseeing the image of important companies of jewelry and luxury, dealing mainly with communication and visual merchandising.