São Paulo

March 5, 2020

Food Revolution: when design joins the table

What happens when design joins the table?

The boom of delivery services, the rise of plant-based food, the review of the industry regarding its role and the impact of ultra-processed food, the unconventional food plants (PANCs), and the “meat” that is not meat: everything shapes a new way of being and living for the next decades.

On March 10th, IED São Paulo promotes an IED Parla on the theme Food Revolution: Design for the future of food.

The event invites the audience to analyze and discuss the present moment, in which eating and the relations to what we eat gain new dimensions and meanings, causing the food sector to expand.

In this context, professionals from the field and professors of IED’s continuing education course in Food Design: Innovation, Service and Experience discuss how investigating and implementing practices of Food Design is imperative to deconstruct and construct the business and future of food, considering the demands generated by the service economy, technology and behavior trends to debate the next step of this necessary revolution.

Date: March 10th
Venue: IED São Paulo
Address: Rua Maranhão, 617 – Higienópolis, São Paulo
Registration: Free /