Structures and facilities


From classrooms dedicated to academic lessons, to communal spaces at disposition of the student, and relying on skilled personnel, IED built structures and facilities aimed at transforming “know” into “know how to do”.


All the activities held in classrooms are planned to translate theory into experience, for this reason every classroom is provided with educational and research tools: computers with Mac OS X and Windows, projectors, sound stystems.

Communal spaces

In order to complete the educational experience in classrooms and let the ones who want to live an individual training in the location, IED offers students communal areas dedicated to studying and free-time. All the communal spaces are covered by WI-FI networks.

Consultation rooms

Books, newspapers, magazines and audiovisual materials are available and can be consulted or borrowed by the students, in support of schooling and researching. The equipment of consultation rooms at IED is constantly updated, thanks to a dedicated staff.

WI-FI network

At the enrollment students receive a nominal account to access the internet through WI-FI in the communal spaces, in classrooms or in consultation rooms, in order to complete their researches and works.

IED Labs – Intranet – Restricted area

Students, teachers, teaching assistants and IED staff have an internal communication channel to share and manage didactic documentation. IED Labs is the information system for didactic/academic management, thanks to which every student can access an online section in which he/she can find service alerts, classes, course documentation, class program and any other information about the schooling.


Laboratories support theoretical classes; they are supplied by a highly technological equipment.