General information


The IED’s didactic methodology is based on education in small groups with the goal of fostering strong connections between students and professors, ensuring close supervision and attention from the start, both in class as well as in the creation of projects and laboratory activities.

To become part of the IED student community, follow the steps below:

Choose the program in which you’d like to enroll.
The educational offering of the IED Madrid and the IED Barcelona is quite extensive:

  • Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) validated by the University of Westminster (Barcelona)
  • Diplomas IED (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Basic 1-year programs (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Masters (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Specialization programs (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Summer Programs (Madrid and Barcelona)
  • Winter Programs (Barcelona)

Admissions requirements.
Each academic category has different admissions processes requiring different documentation and deadlines. We ask that you carefully read the list of our programs to familiarize yourself with the specifics of registration, deadlines and required documentation.

Contact the Student Information Office (SIO) Madrid  or  Student Information Office (SIO) Barcelona if you have any questions.

Prices and promotions.
The SIO can provide information about fees, including the registration fee (which reserves your place in the program) and the program fee. If you are interested in payment plans, please consult with the SIO.

The IED Madrid and the IED Barcelona hold annual scholarship competitions  for Official Degrees, Diplomas and Bachelor of Arts. For more information to apply for the scholarship competition in Madrid: and and in Barcelona:

Contact us
You are invited to attend the various events organized by the IED Madrid and the IED Barcelona, including orientation sessions, open door sessions, information sessions, fairs, conferences, exhibitions, interviews…they can help you make a decision about which program to choose.