How to Apply

Becoming a IED student is easy!


1- Choose a course

The educational offer of IED group includes many programs at  Undergraduate level (Official Undergraduate Degree – Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Validated by Unversity of Westminster –  IED Diploma.), and Master level, but also Study Abroad (Summer,  Semester/One Year programs) or Specialization Courses.

2- Verify the admission requirements and fee structure

Every category of course has a different admission process, for this reason, we invite you to check carefully the brochure of the course available in the course page.  You will be able to know the  specific admission procedures, the deadlines, and the required documents for your course of choice .

3- Get in touch with us

If you need further information on a course use the “Request Information” button at the top of the course webpage.
If you want to book a personal interview on Skype or in our offices use the “Book Interview” button at the top of the course webpage. A IED Advisor will get in touch with you soon.

If you wish to start the enrollment process use the “Apply online” button on the top of the webpage.

Once you have submitted one of the requests above you will receive an answer with general information on the chosen course, from your Admission Advisor.

In order to go forward with the process reply directly to your Admission Advisor.


1- Start the Online Admission Process

In order to start IED Online Admission process, students should get in touch with IED by requesting information through the website in the webpage of the relevant course. To obtain the login credentials students must contact their Admission Advisor. Once you have received the login details from your personal advisor you can start and follow up your admission process on IED Admission Page.

2- Prepare and send the required documents

Complete the Personal Information section and send it to the school together with the requested documents, listed in the admission procedure. IED will inform you about the result of the evaluation process, and will start the admission process.

3- Complete the Admission Process

After receiving all the required documents, IED will evaluate them and, if necessary, schedule an admission interview on Skype considering your availability.
After Admission, you will be able to complete the enrollment process by signing documents and Regulations and by paying the required fees.


1- Apply for a Visa

If you are a non-EU student, please go to the Spanish Embassy of your country in order to inform them of your decision to apply to IED and to apply for the proper Visa. You will find the main information and the necessary documents in the Admission Process. Should you have any more question, please contact the local Spanish authorities in your country.

2- Complete the payment of the tuition fees

After the enrollment, you will have to complete the payment of the required fees (Tuition + any other additional fee).

3- Attend the course presentation

Before starting the official lessons, you will receive an email with the instructions about what you will have to do the first day.