Undergraduate Courses


STEP 1: Verify the admission requirements and fee structure

The educational offer of IED group includes many programs at  Undergraduate level: Official Undergraduate Degree – Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Validated by Unversity of Westminster) – IED Diploma

Click HERE to check the list of courses available in each category. Every category of course has different requirements, admission procedures, deadlines, and required documents, we invite you to check carefully in the brochure of the course and with your Advisor the specific requirements for your course of choice .

STEP 2: Start the Online Admission Process

Click “Apply Online” in the webpage of the course of your choice or get in touch with your Advisor. You will be given access to a personal area where you can follow your Admission Process on admission.ied.it

STEP 3: Prepare and send the required documents

Complete the Personal Information section, fill in and sign the Pre-Enrolment Form and send it to the school together with the required documents, listed in the admission procedure including evidence of the knowledge of the course language according to the chosen program. IED will check your dossier and make you start the admission process.

STEP 4: Admission Interview

After receiving all the required documents, IED evaluate them and, if necessary, schedule an admission interview on Skype, according to your availability.

STEP 5: Enrolment

After Admission, you are able to complete the enrolment process by signing documents and Regulations (you can download them in your Personal Area) and by paying the Enrolment fee.

STEP 6: Matriculation

In order to complete the matriculation process in the chosen course, students must:

• Have correctly filled out and uploaded the required documents on their personal area.
• Pass the Official Admission Test in out seat (July or September) – Official Undergraduate Degree only
• Pay the tuition fee one month before the course starts.
• Non-European students must have arranged a visa before arriving in Spain and be in the process of obtaining their NIE.

Applicants who fail to provide all of the documentation required will not be allowed to take the Specific Access Test and will therefore be unable to take the course.
If you have any questions regarding the pre-enrolment, admission, enrolment or matriculation process, do not hesitate to contact your Advisor.



 All students applying ot an official Undergraduate Degree must undergo a national entry test.


The Test is dived in two parts:

Part A
Exercise 1 – Analysis and critique of a Design-related text (textual analysis).
Exercise 2 – Representation exercise: starting from an object chosen by the examining board, the applicant will choose between: a freehand drawing using monochrome (any hardness pencil) and eraser; or to produce a paper
Part B
Exercise 1 – Creative Process: it will consist in the creative development of a topic, chosen by the examining board, in three drawings. For its execution, the applicant will be able to select the representation systems that he/she
considers appropriate, for their technical or artistic nature.
Exercise 2 – Evaluation of a Design object.


Usually there are two sessions to attend the exam in person: July and September

While enrolling to an Undergraduate Course your IED Advisor will give you firther details about dates, documents and preparation for the test.

IED provides free preparation courses for all students who complete enrollment before the dates of the test


IED supports brilliant and motivated students offering financial aid, right-to-study scholarships, merit scholarships and discounts based on merits of financial status. For more details please ask your advisor


Undergraduate courses fees are split into enrolment and tuition fee. The amount of enrolment is fixed, instead of the tuition may vary according to the nationality of the students: EU or EXTRA – EU

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