Admission and enrolment process

To gain admission to the Undergraduate Degree in Design students must comply with IED Barcelona’s online admission procedures on and to successfully pass the specific Access Test.

IED Barcelona’s online admission process comprises 5 stages:
1. Pre-enrolment process.
2. Admission interview.
3. Enrolment confirmation process.
4. Admission Test
5. Matriculation process.

Suggested timing:

Admissions are open until the last admission test (during the first week of October at IED Barcelona and Madrid). However, in order to ensure that the entry requirements established by the Ministry of Education are met and to comply with its strict quality standards (as well as to ensure proper interaction among teachers, staff and students), IED Barcelona offers a limited number of places for the Undergraduate Degree in Design. Students wishing to secure a place on any of the courses will be required to complete the enrolment process specified in point 3. Non-European students are advised to have completed points 1 to 3 before the end of July, as visas can take a few months to come through and they involve specific procedures. European students can complete steps 1 to 3 before taking the specific access test for their course.


2.1.a. Obtaining login credentials: In order to start IED Barcelona’s online admission process, students will need to contact IED Barcelona via the information request option available on the website or by clicking on APPLY NOW on the web page for the relevant course. Check available courses at Login credentials will be sent by email.

2.1.b. Login to and fill out the form with Personal Information.

2.1.c. Submit the basic documents required.

– Compulsory documents (required to access the interview):
Application form and Privacy sheet, both duly filled out and signed (downloadable from the documents section of the persona area at

A photocopy of your identity document (National Identity Document or Foreign National Identity Document for residents in Spain, or Passport for foreign students).

 Recommended documents:
– Certificate of proficiency in the language of the chosen course, in compliance with the course language requirements (students who do not have a certificate can take a language assessment test).
– Extra mandatory documents (not compulsory to access the admission interview but necessary to complete the enrolment process):
• Sixth form (bachillerato) certificate or equivalent (for non-Spanish certificates, recognition of the equivalent).
• Diploma for advanced technical studies in plastic arts and design, if applicable.
• Diploma for advanced vocational training, if applicable.


IED Barcelona welcomes applicants with all kinds of profiles and seeks to admit those with the most potential, regardless of their experience. The aim of the admission interview is to understand why the student wishes to take the course (motivation) and their command of the course language. Feeling motivated about the content of the programme and being familiar with the course language are the best guarantee that students will bring out their full potential over the course’s four-year duration.

As soon as the basic documents have been uploaded on the applicant’s personal area at, and once they have been verified by IED Barcelona, candidates will be able to do an admission interview. In order to streamline the process, IED Barcelona gives applicants the option of doing the admission interview online (both the motivational part and the language skills test), using the Skype platform. To do so, the student will need a PC/Mac with a webcam, microphone and speakers, a speedy Internet connection (at least ADSL 4Mb) and an active Skype account. Interviews can also be arranged to be held on IED Barcelona’s premises if students prefer it. The dates and times for the interview will be arranged directly with IED Barcelona’s admissions department.

2.2.1 Language assessment test

If a language certificate is not submitted to prove the applicant’s proficiency of the course language, applicants will be required to take a language test in order to assess their linguistic skills and their ability to learn during the course. The language assessment test will be conducted via Skype by language teachers from IED Barcelona. The test lasts roughly 20 minutes and consists of a series of questions divided into 3 categories:

– Simple questions regarding the applicant’s motivations and everyday life.
– Intermediate questions regarding an idea or concept that is given in advance to elaborate on.
– Complex questions in which the applicant is given a subject in order to explain and develop abstract concepts. If you have any questions regarding the language assessment test, do not hesitate to contact your Advisor.