Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design

Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design

Admissions for National Students -Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design (IED Madrid)

The registration process for the Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design at the IED Madrid:


Admissions requirements:

You must have completed a high school diploma or the equivalent in your country of the “Spanish General Certificate of Secondary Education.” and you must take the Official Entrance Exam for Degrees in Design. This exam is official, mandatory and must be taken on-site. Contact the SIO for more information.

You must follow the appropriate procedures for the validation of your degree based on your home country. Our student information office  (SIO) can advise you on the initial validation procedures.

You should have an interview with the Information and Orientation Service via Skype or by phone in order to answer any questions you may have and to familiarize yourself with the registration process.



An IED Entrance Exam is offered to interested applicants (via conference call or Skype, completely free and optional), which will be used to evaluate your prospects of passing the Official Entrance Exam as well as your motivation in studying design at the IED. This is an exclusive IED service intended to prepare future students for the official exam.

*The IED Entrance Exam includes:

– A letter of interest

– A general cultural test on art, design and society, which can be done online via Skype or by phone.

If you pass the IED Entrance Exam, you will receive an acceptance letter necessary for your student visa application, as well as all instructions for reserving your place.


You will have 15 days after being informed of your acceptance to pay the registration fee and submit the following documentation:

*Photocopy of your degrees, diplomas and certificates if you have not yet completed your studies. You must submit your certified degree of studies, equivalent to the Spanish General Certificate of Secondary Education, to the IED.

*Photocopy of your national photo I.D., passport or equivalent.

*Bank receipt as evidence of the registration fee payment (to reserve your place).

Registration allows you access to the IED BLOG, where you will find answers to questions you may have about the Official Entrance Exam, as well as the preparatory session for the Entrance Exam, where the theoretical and practical subjects for this test will be reviewed.

For definitive admission to the degree program you have chosen, you must take the Official Entrance Exam for Degrees in Design. This exam is official, mandatory and must be taken on-site. Contact the SIO for more information.

The corresponding fees must all be paid and the required documentation must be submitted prior to beginning the program.

Registration and program fees

The prices for the Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design are indicated in the “Fees” document. The total cost of the program is divided into the registration fee and the program fee.

If applicants do not have a high enough level of Spanish or English to follow the program, they must do a “Prerequisite” course in Spanish or English prior to starting the program. The corresponding fee will be added to the previously mentioned fees.

Note: The rules and conditions for dropping the program are fully detailed in the IED Internal Regulations.

Registration deadlines

Registration is open all year long and closes once all available places have been covered.

Direct admissions to the 2nd year of the degree

To be admitted to the second year of the Official Undergraduate Degrees in Design, you must fulfill the requirements necessary for registration. The following documentation is mandatory and must be sent to the IOS:

a) Registration form, completed and signed.

b) List of completed studies, including credits obtained and a detailed curriculum description.

c) Curriculum Vitae (résumé).

d) Digital portfolio.

Once the required documentation has been received, the Academic Department will evaluate your profile and indicate whether your admission has been accepted or rejected. The IOS will inform you of the results.

Participate in the program presentation.

Before beginning classes, you will be invited to participate in the presentation of the program. There you will be provided with specific program information and meet the IED staff.

Once you have completed these steps, you will officially be an IED student and can begin to live new experiences! Welcome to the IED!