Design and Management for Music Events

Summer and Winter Courses - Barcelona

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The music industry requires specialised professionals who can deliver quality music experiences. The new situation today has led to technological needs that have transformed music events and provided future opportunities.

The Design and Management for Music Events course provides an expert overview of design and an added value of technical, logistical and cultural knowledge of the field.

Students are able to explore various case studies of the most influential music events and propose quality alternatives based on a theoretical foundation and specialist interventions.

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  • Start date
    July 2021
  • Duration
    2 weeks
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This course aims to provide an overview of the skills and knowledge required to manage music events as well as implementing these dynamics from the creative industries to event management practice.

– To promote the importance of music culture knowledge.

– To enhance the creative aspect of producing a music event.

– To achieve the “wow factor” of an event through a music proposal.

– To train a manager profile for music events.

– To understand the technological needs of an event.

– To analyse the specific logistical needs of each event.

– To discover innovative management and technical tools.


The course combines case studies, workshops and practical exercises.

Prestigious professionals from various sectors share their music expertise with a focus on showing how this can be applied to reality (or to virtual reality).

Case studies are used as a common thread to apply the knowledge in various challenges.

Student Profile

The course is suitable for profiles in the following areas:

– Event sector professionals wanting to specialise in the music industry.

– Musicians interested in learning the design process and how to manage the production of a music event.

– Music industry professionals wanting to incorporate creativity into an event proposal.

Job Opportunities

Depending on each student’s profile and prior experience, possible career positions on graduation include the following:

– Event manager in the music industry

– Event planner

– Tour manager

– Production manager

– Logistics department

– Promotion office for creative industries

– Partnership hunter

– Site manager

– Booking agency



Event Project Manager specialising in Technical Production and Project Management.

With a background of diverse training and more than fifteen years of experience in corporate, commercial and sports events, she began her career as a stage manager in music festivals, concerts, fashion shows and television programmes.

She coordinated the technical production of several major festivals, including DGTL Barcelona, and also theatres, such as L’Auditori de Barcelona.

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