Pattern Making and Fashion



Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


2 Years


2010 Hours

Discover the secrets to becoming a professional in fashion design. In just two years you will master the techniques of high fashion, you will be able to model using a dummy and will work on the volume of garments

The Two-Year Higher Certificate Course in Pattern Design and Fashion offers you a hands-on and focused learning experience in tailoring, pattern design and garment production processes. 

In this 2-year course you’ll learn from working professionals, lecturers who’ll teach you everything they know about prototyping, materials and trends, pattern design and garment manufacturing industry processes. 

You’ll also study how to design a collection and use high-end fashion techniques and finishes, as well as presenting a fashion and pattern design project to end your course with tutored work experience. 

Information to decide

A complete, official course with an emphasis on the more technical side of fashion, that opens the door for professionals in high demand in the sector. 

Put the technical know-how you acquire in pattern-making classes, dressmaking/tailoring workshops and the Fab Lab to the test in practice. 

The syllabus also covers a number of other areas in the field of fashion: from communication, sustainability and business, quality management and design culture to using digital tools. 

At the end of the course you’ll gain work experience with design studios or companies so you can start work right away.

After studying this 2-year course you’ll graduate with an official degree certifying 2,000 study hours, the equivalent of 120 ECTS credits, valid and recognised throughout the European Higher Education Area, giving you access to other training programs, scholarships and Ministry grants.

The Two-Year Higher Certificate Course in Pattern Design and Fashion is for people who want to work in the more technical side of fashion. This specialisation is focused on quality and attention to detail, garment design and making, industrial and artisanal processes, and haute couture. 

Your lecturers are working professionals who’ll help you study for an official qualification that combines the knowledge of handicraft and high-end fashion techniques, to mention just one of the novel things you’ll find in this course. 

In this 2-year course at the emblematic Altamira Palace you’ll have access to fashion workshops equipped with the same machines used in the industry, such as flat-bed sewing machines, industrial irons, interlock sewing machines, overlockers, heat sealers, a blind hem stitch machine, a coating machine, dressmaker's dummies for modelling and draping toile prototypes, cutting tables, and more.

All this against the backdrop of Madrid, a vibrant and creative city, an epicentre of the fashion industry, hosting major international fashion events. 



What will you learn?

In the first year you’ll learn the basics of the techniques and finishes used in high-end fashion. You’ll learn to create bespoke patterns and acquire the know-how necessary to identify the various textiles used in the design process. You’ll also learn how to set up your own company and learn about the History of Clothing and Textiles.


Creating Prototypes
Business and Business Initiative
An Introduction to Haute Couture Techniques and Finishes
Textiles, Tailoring, Dressmaking and Leather
Fashion and Trends
Textile and Leather Industrial Pattern Design
The Industrial Garment Manufacturing Processes
Dressmaking and Tailoring Techniques
Design Methodology

What will you learn?

In the second year you’ll develop a complete project and create your own collection, acquiring in-depth knowledge of Haute Couture Techniques. You’ll learn how to create your own CV and personal portfolio, and the best search methods to use when looking for job opportunities. What’s more, you’ll learn Technical English and acquire work experience in the fashion industry at the end of the course.


Textile and Leather Design Analysis
Applied Haute Couture Techniques and Finishes
Design a Collection
Careers Education and Guidance
Quality Management, Occupational Risk Prevention and Environmental Protection
Higher Level Technical English
Industrialisation and Pattern Grading
Organising Industrial Clothing Production
Pattern Design and Fashion Project
Work Experience


Eufemio Fernández López


Juanjo Gómez


Antonio Solé Cabanes


Eva Maldonado Rodríguez