Product Design, pathway in Transportation Design



Start date

September 2024


Full time


On campus


4 Years


240 ECTS

Course Coordination

Raffaella Perrone

Join the sustainable mobility revolution, combine your creative talent with soft skills, technical know-how and the latest technology to design the smart vehicles, systems and accessories of the future.

The Bachelor of Arts in Product Design, pathway in Transportation Design is a real one-off in Spain. This program, taught in English, opens the doors to a professional world where you can project your passion for mobility through design. You’ll design not only the interiors and exteriors of all kinds of vehicles, you'll develop complete transportation systems and a wide range of accessories for the sector.
By studying a comprehensive, versatile and interdisciplinary syllabus with lecturers who have years of professional experience in mobility, you’ll develop projects that combine the latest technology with user experience to produce solutions that embrace sustainable values in vehicles designed to thrill, move, and be used.
This program gives you not just a global overview but also a specific insight into the sector, everything you need to work on different types of vehicles: cars and two-wheelers, surface vessels and underwater vessels, trucks, public transport, and more.

Existeixen 60 places disponibles per a estudiants de primer any de l'especialitat en Disseny de Producte. D'aquestes places, no hi ha assignat un número específic per itinerari o idioma.
The course is based on a learning-by-doing methodology, so you’ll be drafting and developing real or speculative projects right from the first step you take on your pathway in Transportation Design. You’ll have the chance to start your professional career working with some of the major names on the international market.

There are 60 places available for first-year students majoring in Product Design. Of these places, there is no specific number assigned by pathway or language.

Information to decide

This Bachelor of Arts is the only one of its kind in Spain, and it couldn’t be in a better location. It is in a city that’s also a major Mediterranean port, a city that paves the way in terms of urban mobility, where you’ll specialise in designing the transportation of the future, with a cross-disciplinary and adaptable vision to meet the needs of today and the demands of tomorrow.

During the 4-year Transportation Design program you’ll discover how to channel all your passion, talent and creativity in a professional field that’s constantly changing, with every day bringing new challenges.
Thanks to the hands-on approach to learning, you’ll acquire an intimate understanding of the market, anticipating the requirements of major brands, creating a specific project that may, if approved, go into industrial production.

This program is for students who want to develop their creative skills in the world of transportation, who want to play a professional role in the evolution of transportation.
It’s for forward thinkers, people who look to the future with a strategic and global vision, who fully comprehend that industrial development must meet the challenges of sustainable living and improved user experience.
It’s for people who are comfortable working in 3D environments, with virtual reality and in a metaverse, and who are just as comfortable working with traditional modelling materials like clays or sketching, people willing to lead the way creating new transportation trends and highly aesthetic mobility lines for the future. In direct contact with renowned international companies, you’ll find out exactly what goes into state-of-the-art projects in a contemporary work context.

It’s the only official program in Transportation Design on the Iberian Peninsula, a specialisation that gives you in-depth insight into various sectors of the mobility industry (cars, bikes, boats, drones, public transport, and more).
Sharing part of the syllabus with students from the Interior Design or Product Design programs gives you a greater understanding of the design world, a broader perspective and a unique viewpoint from which to explore new lines of research in your work.
Being able to study design in English in a city like Barcelona opens the doors for you to the European and international market: Barcelona is a point of reference in European urban design. The city of Barcelona has paved the way in recent years and become a leading light in the world of two-wheeled mobility and public transport. Barcelona also has a thriving marine design, ship and boat-building industry, which makes it the ideal place for you to develop revolutionary marine design projects.


What will you learn?

In the first year you’ll work with students specialising in other areas to acquire a grounding in design methodology and the skills you need to use plotting tools in a creative design process. The aim of this approach is to create your own Personal Learning Environment (or PLE) based on your experience as a designer to lay the foundations on which all your following work will be built. What’s more, you’ll learn to use the materials, techniques and tools necessary to start work as a professional designer.

First Semester

Foundation Project I
Representation Techniques I
Project Communication I
An Introduction to Marketing
Science Applied to Design
Colour and Form

Second Semester

Foundation Project II
Representation Techniques II
Project Communication II
Technical Drawing I
Volume I

Year Subject

The History of Art and Design

What will you learn?

The second year is focused on developing your own unique creative style. You’ll also start working with some specialist tools: packaging, clay, Key sketch, Chartpak pens and markers, Alias, graphic design and visual communication. You’ll study research methodologies, the processes and tools you can use to meet the needs of people and companies in your Near Environment. Last but not least, you’ll begin collaborating on projects with transport operators.

First Year

Computer Tools for Products I
Ergonomics Project
Technical Project
Representation Techniques for Product Design I
History of Product Design
Styling Project
Volume for Product Design

Second Year

Multidisciplinary Workshop I
Interdisciplinary Project I
Domestic Project
Technology for Product Design I
Package Project
Technical Drawing for Product Design I

What will you learn?

There’s a significant leap in terms of work practice in the third year of the course. You’ll start preparing for the professional world of design, and the syllabus includes the management of more complex projects with greater expectations in terms of producing results. At this stage, you’ll be developing projects in a ‘Far Environment' (geographical, generational, cultural or economic) context. What’s more, you’ll be working on projects based on real briefs to solve challenges presented by companies operating in the sector.

First Semester

Two Wheels Project
Project Communication for Product Design I
Nautical Project
Computer Tools for Transportation Design

Second Semester

Lab for Product Design I
Technology for Product Design II
Multidisciplinary Workshops II
Exterior Project
Project Communication for Transportation Design I
Personal Development Project

What will you learn?

In the fourth year you’ll face many challenges: multidisciplinarity, long-term vision and services linked to your speciality. We call this a ‘Complex Environment’. You’ll put what you’ve learnt into practice in the form of mandatory work experience, defining your own professional profile. Last but not least, you’ll develop a final project with companies actually working in the field, exploring new, ground-breaking designs which, if approved, will go into production to be launched on the market.

First Semester

Professional Internship
Interior Design Transportation Project
Mobility Project
Project Design Management
Project Communication for Product Design II
Lab for Product Design II
Multidisciplinary Workshop

Second Semester

Final Project


Raffaella Perrone