Discovering Medieval and Renaissance Paintings



Start date

June 2024




On campus


2 Weeks

Course Coordination

Maria Giulia Caccia Dominioni


€ 1.800

Enrich your knowledge in Italian Medieval and Renaissances art by a combination of theorical lessons, practical workshops and museum visits.

Through this course of study you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into and experience the basics of the restoration and conservation of tables between the 12th and 15th centuries.
Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to discover and paint with the ancient technique of egg tempera painting and you will be able to directly experiment with the technique with pictorial retouching exercises.

The course lasts 60 hours divided into 2 weeks. Lessons will take place both in the morning and in the afternoon and will be divided between classroom lessons and guided tours

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The course is aiming to enrich your knowledge in Italian Medieval and Renaissances art by a combination of theorical lessons, practical workshops and museum visits.
Following the base of art history, you will learn how to paint with egg tempera, creating a replica of an ancient panel based on individual skill levels. The teacher will help you in any stage of the work.
In the second part of the course, you will acquire the bases of art Conservation, this includes understanding degradation factors, Conservation theory and mastering practical conservation technique. Museum visits and workshop will serve as essential experiences to fully comprehend and internalize this fascinating subject.

The course is intended for individuals seeking to enrich their knowledge in Italian Medieval and Renaissance art. Understanding the ancient technique means acknowledge the value of these artifacts in today society and recognise the importance in preserving them in the best possible way for the future generation.
The combination between art history, mastery of ancient techniques and consideration of Conservation issues will provide the complete comprehension of these invaluable artifacts.


The course will combine theoretical lessons, practical lessons and visits to museums and collections. 

In the first week the course will cover the history of italian Medieval and Renaissance Art, with a specific focus on the history and techniques of tempera panels. Practical lessons will follow, enabling students to undertake the reproduction of a chosen panel. Additionally, two museum visits are scheduled to complement the learning program.  

In  the second week, students will learn about art Conservation, covering degradation factors, conservation issue and technique. Practical exercises will carryed out to learn retouching technique. An extra Museum visit will be included to provide insight into Conservation practices and Museum enviroment. 


Maria Giulia Caccia Dominioni

Painting Conservator

Course Coordinator