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February 2025




On campus


5 Months

Course Coordination

Giovanni Iozzi


€ 2.600

Discover the opportunities of technology that is already revolutionising the entire fashion product creation process

Convenient, customisable, efficient: these are just a few of the adjectives that describe Clo3D, a software that streamlines the fashion production process

Imagine sewing a dress directly from your PC, dressing an avatar to view the results, and applying any changes in one click. All of this is possible with Clo3D.

By taking this course, you will be able to design and simulate garments within the platform in order to meet the needs of an industry that is constantly changing.

You will also complete your training with an insight into the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Aero.

Information to decide

The solution for simplifying decision-making and production processes

With Clo3D the production and presentation of garments immediately becomes more agile and sustainable.

This course will help you take your fashion designs to a new and contemporary level. Thanks to your experience, you will bring countless benefits to your company by reducing time, costs and waste. You will facilitate the quick and easy sharing of projects between departments within the company.

With Clo3D, you can also create photorealistic renderings for e-commerce, catalogues, and product presentations.

The course is aimed at professionals in the fashion industry who want to enhance their skills. Specifically, the target audience includes Textile Designers, Pattern makers and Prototype Makers who want to

implement technical and creative skills through the use of 3D.

Furthermore, it is ideal for graduates and vocational school graduates who wish to complete their professional backgrounds with the skills necessary to manage the new processes associated with fashion collection creation.

Pattern making skills for clothing and a basic knowledge of the Adobe package are required to enter the course.

This course represents a comprehensive and in-depth training programme. Over the course of five months, you will have the opportunity to:

-        Make use of an avatar by customising it, dressing it, and virtually placing it in a real environment;

-        Understanding the potential of fabrics, colours and accessories in the creation of the collection;

-        Prepare still lives to be used in communication and photo retouching modules;

-        Familiarise yourself with the different features of the software by combining technology and creativity;

-        Define and customise the work area to your specific needs.

At the end of the course, you will be required to prepare a professional presentation under the supervision of the lecturers. This last project will represent your fashion portfolio, your future business card for the professional world


The lessons develop from communication strategies and new technologies, through the use of Clo3D and some software programs from the Adobe family. They culminate in the realisation and presentation of the final project where the knowledge learnt is put into practice.


Giovanni Iozzi


Course Coordinator

Giorgio Franceschini

Graphic Designer    

Alessio Sorrentino

Marketing Manager    

Sabrina Fichi