3 carteles del IED Barcelona, finalistas del concurso “Human/AI Design Challenge”


11 October 2023

The winning project will be announced on 25 October

Three of the 10 finalist posters in the “Human/AI Design Challenge” international competition, aimed at design students worldwide, are from third-year Graphic Design and Motion Graphics and Video students at IED Barcelona.

The posters are the work of Lluís La Hoz Viñas and Yasmin Barry-Djemal, 3rd year Graphic Design students, and Fabienne Bjercke, 3rd year Motion Graphics student, whose designs were chosen from more than 100 entries.

The challenge of the competition, organised by the Barcelona Centre de Disseny and CASA SEAT, was to find a balance of the relationship between human creative thinking and artificial intelligence in the form of a graphic design poster, aided by AI content generation algorithms.

In the case of the designs by the IED students, the jury took into account the criteria of aesthetic and conceptual quality, creativity and innovation in the use of AI, as well as their relevance and impact on the design sector.

The subject matter, Design for Human Future, was developed at IED Barcelona with Visual Communication students tutored by the alumnus Thin Truong.

The exhibition of the finalist posters will be on display at CASA SEAT (Passeig de Gràcia 109) from 16 to 28 October as part of Barcelona Design Week. The winning project will be announced on 25 October.

Good luck to all three finalists!


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