11 June 2024

The project underscores the importance of showcasing reused materials rather than hiding them, aligning with an eco-conscious approach that reduces the environmental impact of waste industries

Nudaforma studio was founded in 2022 by our Alumni Filippo Salis and Marianna D’Antimo in pursuit of more sustainable furniture design.

Through research and collaboration within Italy, they connected with a startup that collects old mattresses nationwide and transforms them into aggregates. This breakthrough confirmed that eco-friendly furniture design is feasible, inspiring the creation of the seating system Bizarre.

"Bizarre modular system aims to highlight the recycled material it is made of, rather than hiding it. Sustainable nudity refers to an eco-conscious approach aimed at reducing the environmental impact of waste industries and promoting transparency throughout the entire supply chain. Interaction with people of all ages, including children, has highlighted the company's agility for future collection development and progress in material experimentation. We are currently in discussions with companies to advance the formal and experimental development of the project." 

The multidisciplinary design studio has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with users pleasantly surprised by the comfort provided by the thick layer of memory foam. Interaction with a diverse range of people, including children, has demonstrated potential for future collection development and material experimentation. This engagement highlights the company’s commitment to advancing sustainable design and promoting transparency in the supply chain.

The project has been recently showcased at Genova Design Week.

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