20 November 2023

We will take part in the Cumulus Conference 2023 in Beijing discussing the Adaptive Reuse Design education and practice.

We are glad to confirm our participation in the Cumulus Conference 2023. Cumulus is the leading global association of art and design education and research and this year, its conference will be hosted by the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing (CAFA), China in November, with the theme being "NARRATIVES OF LOVE ——TOWARDS HEALING, TRANSFORMATION AND TRANSCENDENCE”.

Matteo Rigamonti, IED lecturer and ambassador will present the paper entitled “Digital Replicants. Enhancing Adaptive Reuse Design, Teaching, and Learning Through Digital Twins” at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA), as part of the conference Track: “TECHNOLOGY IN DESIGN”.

The dissertation will delve into the transformative possibilities arising from the seamless integration of cutting-edge digital tools within the realm of Adaptive Reuse Design and Human-centred Interior Design education and practice. This research represents a distinctive and valuable opportunity to showcase Matteo's extensive work at IED over several years. His efforts aim to revolutionize conventional pedagogical approaches, with a primary focus on elevating student engagement and fostering a profound comprehension of adaptive reuse design principles. Innovatively integrating Virtual Reality (VR), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and real-time rendering, his research is transforming the educational landscape, imparting design strategies’ testing, detail control, and predictive capabilities through immersive design experiences set between the physical and the digital realms

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