Un look inspirado en los corales gana la Bridal Scholarship for Talent by Gratacós 2024 Musa Jone González IED Barcelona


13 March 2024

In a deliberation described as “very difficult” due to the high level of the dresses presented, the jury also recognised two more designs: “Abril” by Andrea Barbato and “Flos” by Marcela Amabal

“Musa” by Jone González, IED Barcelona Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dreses Design student, is the winning look of the 2024 Bridal Scholarship for Talent by Gratacós.

“Musa” is a personal proposal within the “Antinuy” collection that pays tribute to the coral sculptures made by his uncle, a sailor and painter, “which never got to be exhibited in a museum, as he had always wished”, explained the student, visibly touched upon learning about the outcome of the contest. The jury, formed by Gloria Casacuberta and Aida Molano from Gratacós; Albasarí Caro, Director of Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week; Lydia Arenas, Communication Specialist of the bridal fair; and Santiago Martín and Andrea Marín from the Majestic Hotel Group, highlighted the proposal’s great technical quality and creativity.

In a deliberation that was described as “very difficult” due to the high level of the dresses presented, the experts also recognised two more designs: “Abril”, from the collection “El Jardín de mi Familia” by Andrea Barbato, based on family memories in her garden in springtime, was chosen as the runner-up. “Flos”, from the “Permanencia” collection by Marcela Amabal, which uses floral ceramic works as its starting point, gained third place.

In total, the jury had to choose between 24 proposals from 12 students (each student designed two looks) following any theme, created with basic cotton fabric using the moulage technique employed in haute couture.

The awarding of the prize — a cheque for 1,000 euros to be used on Gratacós fabrics — took place on 12 March at the Point One headquarters facilities of IED Barcelona. During the month of April, the winning dress will be exhibited in the Gratacós shop window, displayed using the same technique, but made with the final fabric.

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