Start date

January 2025




On campus


6 Months


30 IED

Course Coordination

Pilar Pasamontes



Study haute couture at one of the top schools in the fashion design world, in a city with a long-standing tradition in the sector.

A postgraduate program to specialise in this design sector, creating your own wedding dress collection, a reflection of your own creative universe.

The market needs specialists in haute couture; professionals who know exactly what tools to use to turn a unique design into a breathtaking dress, one that meets the client’s technical, functional, aesthetic and communicative needs.

You’ll acquire specific and extensive knowledge on the sector, dressmaking and materials, as you rub elbows with companies and designers at fashion events in the city of Barcelona.

Information to decide

A unique postgraduate program at a school of reference. You’ll finish the program by presenting your own unique bridal collection.

In this intensive postgraduate you’ll learn what goes into wedding dress design, and put what you’ve learned into practice. The program combines specialised technical classes on theory with practical workshops and company visits, in a multicultural context. There’s no better way to put your newfound knowledge to the test than by working on real projects with companies in different sectors.

What’s more, you’ll finish the program with a final project in collaboration with companies leading the field, presenting your concept collection and the sketched designs you’ve developed. You’ll make all the decisions in terms of the styling that goes into your final project for the professional presentation when you finish the program.

As an IED student you’ll have access to the tailoring workshops outside school hours; an excellent opportunity to put what you learned in the theoretical classes and specialised tutorials into practice.

This postgraduate is for people with a degree in any fabric or fashion design discipline who want to take their career to the next level by specialising in bridal and luxury dress design.

The Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dress Design opens the doors to a very specific fashion sector, a cultural and economic reality to be reckoned with in the European Union.

In this program you’ll acquire the resources you need to work on the styling of a collection or specific projects, learn how to analyse an idea and come up with a design, then plan and develop that design in a project that meets the client’s technical, functional and aesthetic requirements.

You’ll be studying in Barcelona, which has a long tradition in haute couture, at one of the top-ranking fashion schools in the world. It’s a chance to live a great learning experience, rubbing elbows with designers and dressmakers in Barcelona, a hotbed of creative talent.

During the program you’ll be collaborating with the specialised fabric store Gratacós and at the Bridal Barcelona Fashion Week, a combination of a trade fair and a fashion runway show, renowned the world over. You’ll develop your final project collaborating with leading firms in the sector.


What will you learn?

This course gives you a comprehensive overview of what’s goes into haute couture design, and wedding dress design in particular. We leave no stone unturned and the course covers everything from the design of accessories to the details and finishes of the dress.



Pattern Design 

Wedding Planner Master class


Fabric manipulation

Fabric manipulation

Protocol, accessories and styling

Fashion representation techniques (illustration)

Final project

Fabric flowers

Real flowers

Makeup Workshop



Pilar Pasamontes

Course Coordinator