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Start date

January 2024




On campus


6 Months





This course trains designers to specialise in this field of fashion by creating their own collection starting from the initial concept and ending with the finished items, including a presentation.

The market is in need of qualified professionals to design bridal and ceremony dresses who are perfectly familiar with the work involved in producing them. Incidentally, Barcelona has a long‑standing haute couture tradition, with many a wedding dress design and confection business established here. 

The Postgraduate in Wedding and Ceremony Dresses Design puts students in touch with companies and freelancers. For instance, an agreement has been signed with the specialised fabric store Gratacós and with the internationally renowned wedding fair Valmont Bridal Barcelona Fashion Week.  Students will also be tasked with a final assignment in collaboration with some of the sector’s leading labels including Ramón Bundó, Pronovias and YolanCris. 

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The Postgraduate course offers students the tools needed to enter this sector’s professional world, giving them an overview of the companies and professionals that create custom-designed gowns. The students, who already have the basics of dressmaking and design, will be able to apply this knowledge to the luxury sector.

They will also study specific materials, acquire skills for constructing lines and special volumes, be introduced to the types of ceremonies and events they may have to deal with, and also learn the types of accessories that lend an air of distinction to the concept of a gown (flowers, shoes, bags, headdresses. etc.)

The Intensive postgraduate course combines theoretical and practical classes. The students have access to the sewing rooms outside class hours so that they can practise what they have learned in the theoretical classes and specialist tutorials.

The programme includes a final project in partnership with leading companies, in which the students present a concept for a collection, with sketches. For the final show, the students will decide on the entire styling to accompany their projects and produce a professional presentation.

Graduates with degrees in fashion and professionals who wish to specialise in the world of bridal gown design and the luxury sector.

Professional Opportunities

At the end of the Postgraduate course, students will have an overview of all that pertains to the sector, so that they can specialise in the different areas touched on by the course and work as a:

– Bridal gown designer for prêt-à-porter and haute couture companies

– Designer for their own brand, marketing it independently

– Designer of accessories for the bridal sector

– Dressmaker, working for another designer

In order to ensure that the students can carry out their Final Projects in a real work situation, come partnerships are: YolanCris, Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Noumena, Hotel Majestic, etc. 


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