24 September 2022

Visual Communication students at IED Barcelona have designed the graphic identities and communication strategies for a pilot test at the Palau de la Música Catalana intended for an audience under 35 years of age.

The Graphic Design and Creative Advertising and Branding students investigated the graphic heritage of this cultural institution at the Orfeó Català Documentation Centre (CEDOC). They also analysed the musical interests of the youth population and have drawn on new technologies to create their final year projects.

The resulting proposals are very varied: the creation of custom typographies from the posters of the last 100 years of history of the Palau; strategies to unite urban music with classical music through street art; short-format activity programming; one-line illustrations inspired by the movement of the conductor’s baton; and a roadshow with representatives of the Palau to make the city aware of the new programming and establish a new channel of communication between the institution and the public.

The projects:


Flux, by Camilla Villegas: a proposal with urban overtones that uses the colour flux pink, guerrilla marketing posters and social media applications to give it a touch of modernity.

Sotapalau, by Jonatan Torreblanca: a proposal that embraces the underground, with the dominance of the colour red on a white background and images of young urbanites enjoying the moment.

Melomaniac, by Anastasia Ozhog: is a nod to lovers of classical music, while appealing to the idea of being part of a club.

Luthier, by Claudia Gustems: the proposal includes a platform where the Petit Palau connects with young audiences as well as the design of the 'Luthier van', a caravan that moves around Barcelona offering content related to classical music.

Pont al Palau, by Xabier Isasti: personalised typography based on research into the graphic heritage of the Palau de la Música Catalana throughout the last century, with an intensification of traditional colours to provide modernity.

<35, by Baseem Munawwar: with black and white as the colour palette, the illustrations in the proposal are inspired by the movement of the conductor’s baton in the air.

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