26 April 2017

Diego Yamashiro has dressed famous singers and actors in the United States with his Made In Peru fashion clothing.

Born in Ica, Diego Yamashiro studied Business Administration at the University of Lima and artistic training at IED Madrid and FIT in New York. During his last engagement as a Fashion Designer, he was part of the team working with the Fashion Director of FORBES Magazine, Joseph DeAcetis, together developing the international brand POTRO, with which he created a global business.

He currently works as a producer and designer of textiles for the American and European markets, showing his Peruvian-made designs on international catwalks such as Madrid Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week.

During his training abroad, he has also been part of teams working on fashion photo shoots in Los Angeles, New York and Madrid. Over time, Diego Yamashiro has been able to dress famous singers and actors in the United States with his Peruvian cotton designs and Made In Peru productions.

Creativity, culture, design and hard-work helped in my career. Every initiative of a new project leads to unite these concepts and to be able to obtain something really relevant if we respect each concept in its entirety” explains Diego at his interview with IED Alumni.

If you want to discover his journey in the fashion system around the world, check it here.

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